LISEF Fair – Payment Information


  1. If paying by check, the entry fee is $250 for each individual and each team member and covers both Round 1 and Round 2. If paying through Eastern Suffolk BOCES (ESBOCES); the fee is $300 per student, this cost is inclusive of the ESBOCES administration fees.
  2. Districts are financially committed to pay for all certified projects as well as any lottery projects awarded via raffle/round robin. The Final School Allocation number will be posted by December 18, 2023.
  3. NEW SCHOOL INCENTIVE: The entry fee for one project (regardless of whether it is an Individual or Team project) will be waived for schools competing for the first time in LISEF.
  4. Fees are not refundable.
  5. Should a school have an outstanding invoice to LISEF, the school will not be allowed to register in the next LISEF school year competition until the outstanding invoice has been paid. Additionally, outstanding invoices will result in a loss of the school’s initial project allocations by half the current allocation (and only be increased by one slot each subsequent year until the original IPA is reached), and the school will lose the ability to participate in the lottery.
  6. Payment:
    • Purchase Orders will not be accepted* however you may want to consider encumbering the funds early in the school year.
    • To pay directly, send to the LISEF mailing address:
      1. one check per school to cover all of the school’s registered students
      2. one copy of the LISEF Direct Payment Form
      3. one copy of the LISEF invoice, including the page with student names (LISEF will e-mail the invoices to the liaisons by December 18, 2023).
  7. To pay through Eastern Suffolk BOCES, send to the LISEF mailing address:
    1. two copies of the completed and signed LISEF Eastern Suffolk BOCES form
    2. one copy of the LISEF invoice, including the page with student names
    3. NOTE: Do not send these forms to Eastern Suffolk BOCES. 
    4. Cross contracts, if needed, should be sent to the school’s BOCES district. If Eastern Suffolk BOCES does not receive the Cross Contract in a timely manner, you must pay directly.  For the ESBOCES Cross Contract click here.

If your district needs a current W-9 for LISEF, Inc. it can be found here.

Fees (or ESBOCES Form) must be received no later than February 7, 2024.

Send your Direct Payment (with check) or ESBOCES documents to:

LI Science and Engineering Fair, Inc.

998 Old Country RD STE C PMB 164

Plainview, NY 11803

*Contact for questions with billing procedures.