General Eligibility For ALL Fairs

  • Each school must have a liaison.
  • Each student may enter only one project that covers research done over a maximum of 12 continuous months between January 2019 and May 2020
  • All students (including all members of a team) must be affiliated with a Nassau or Suffolk County educational institution (home schooled individual/team must satisfy all of the Home-School Student’s Additional Requirements)
  • Grade Level Qualification:
    • Middle School Fair: Student must be enrolled in Grade 6 – 8
    • JV and LISEF Fairs: Student must be enrolled in Grade 9 – 12
  • Each project must satisfy all of the Intel ISEF rules and LISEF rules that apply
  • Team members may be enrolled in different Nassau/Suffolk schools.
  • A team may consist of 2 or 3 members.
  • Please be advised that the number of projects per school permitted to register for LISEF Inc.’s sponsored fairs in 2020 are:
    • Middle School Fair: 10 projects
    • JV Fair: 6 projects
    • LISEF Fair: Each School is given a Maximum School Allocation plus any projects awarded in a lottery process, posted as Final Allocation by December 12, 2019. (Schools not listed may enter 2 projects)
  • If a school liaison (LISEF/JV) certifies more than their allocation, then the order of online registration will determine eligibility.
  • When a MS school has reached their maximum allocation of projects for a given fair, no other student will be able to register from that school for that fair
  • Every registered student and every teacher that attends any of the three fairs must complete a Media Release Form

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