Continuation & Team Projects

Continuation and Team Projects

  • Clarification: A project in which the student(s) learned techniques and equipment as an introduction in one year, and carried out the experimentation in the second year is considered a continuation.
  • If AT ANY TIME, LISEF, Inc. becomes aware of a change of membership of a project presented at a prior competition than its membership registered for the LISEF competition, LISEF will impose a 50% penalty of the initial allocation for the following school year for each school involved in the infraction. In addition, the student(s) involved will fail to qualify, and in the event that the LISEF competition has already taken place, then that project and student(s) will be stripped of all recognition and awards. Additionally, the Principal and Superintendent of the school(s) involved will be sent a letter informing them that their initial allocation of LISEF registrations is being reduced by 50% the following year because of an ethics violation.
  • Team membership cannot be changed during a given research year unless there are extenuating circumstances; the LISEF Regional SRC must approve of any change in team membership during the 12-months after the stated start date for the project. This ruling supersedes the ISEF Rules and Guidelines. Keep in mind that once a project has competed in any science fair at any level, no changes are allowed even in extenuating circumstances.