SRC Formation

A Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is a group of adults knowledgeable about regulations concerning experimentation especially with vertebrate animals and potentially hazardous biological agents. The SRC must review and approve all projects in these areas before experimentation may begin. Local SRCs may be formed to assist the Fair SRC in reviewing and approving projects. The local SRC will review the documentation for projects from their school to ensure that students have followed all applicable rules and that the project is eligible to compete in an ISEF-affiliated fair.

An SRC consists of a minimum of three members:

  1. biomedical scientist (e.g., Ph.D., M.D., D.V.M., D.D.S., D.O.)
  2. an educator
  3. at least one other member

Additional Expertise: Many projects will probably require additional expertise to be properly evaluated (for instance, extended knowledge of biosafety or of human risk groups). If animal research is involved, at least one member must be familiar with proper animal care procedures. If the SRC needs an expert as one of its members and one is not in the immediate area, then documented contact with an external expert is appropriate and encouraged.