LISEF Fair – School Allocation and Commitment Information

At the start of each school year, LISEF posts our Rules and Guidelines, as well as the Commitment Agreement Letter  and Initial Project Allocations for each school.  These documents are there to make you aware of any pertinent process deadlines and rules for LISEF. 

To track the progress of receipt of commitment letter and view the Final School Allocation number, which will be posted December 18, 2023, click here.

Deadlines for the JV Fair and Broadcom MASTERS competitions are not covered on this page, but you can click on the appropriate hyperlinks to bring you to each competitions Rules and Guidelines.

Please note: After much consideration, the LISEF Board of Trustees has decided to NOT run the 2024 LISEF Junior Varsity Fair. However, the 2024 Thermo Fisher MASTERS Middle School Fair will be an IN-PERSON event.