Trustees & Committees

The LI Science and Engineering Board of Trustees, composed of 11 members, meet once a month during the 10-month school calendar and, if necessary, they may call a special meeting during the summer months of July and August. Most of the meetings are completely open to interested parties but occasionally the Board meets in Executive Session but only after an open period was provided.

The meetings are usually the Third Thursday of the month unless a conflict arises that would prevent a quorum of trustees from attending, such as a school vacation or attendance at the International Science and Engineering Fair; if a conflict arises, the meeting is rescheduled.  The dates are available on the Important Dates page.  The June meeting is composed of a regular monthly meeting followed by an Executive Session for our Annual Meeting. 

Trustees have a maximum of a three-year term before they must submit to a new election. As the Trustees are placed in “classes” as defined in our by-laws, 3-4 trustees are up for re-election each year.  Persons interested in serving on our board must send a resume to during the month of May for consideration at our Annual June meeting.

Criteria for selection include an interest in the promotion of scientific inquiry and discovery in the LI schools and the willingness to participate in the work involved in providing the opportunity for students to present their research endeavors at our three fairs. The vote requires a majority of our board.

Current Trustees and Officers of the LI Science and Engineering Fair, Inc.
President Angela Lukaszewski
Vice President MaryLou O’Donnell
Treasurer Chris Pollatos
Secretary Nicole Spinelli
Trustee Dr. Terrence Bissoondial
Trustee Heather Hall
Trustee Dr. Mary Hendrickson
Trustee Dr. Joyce Hilgeman
Trustee Dr. Michael Lake
Trustee Dr. David Ralston
Trustee Bryan Snyder
Fair Directors
LISEF Fair Director Angela Lukaszewski
JV Fair Director Heather Hall
Middle School Fair Co-Directors Brian Snyder and Nicole Spinelli
Committee Chairs and Other Roles
Operations Chair  
SRC Chair Heather Hall
  MaryLou O’Donnell
LISEF Judges’ Co-Chairs Dr. Michael Lake & Dr. Joyce Hilgeman
ISEF Arrangements Chair Chris Pollatos
Fundraising Chair  
Alumni Chairs  
Social Media Manager MaryLou O’Donnell
Website Manager Thea Gibbs
Safety Consultant  

SRC Committee

  • Heather Hall, Chair
  • Dr. Mary Hendrickson, Chair
  • Veronica Ade
  • Andrea Beatty
  • Lisa Benincasa
  • Dr. Terrence Bissoondial
  • Jeanette Collette
  • Nicole Dulaney
  • Dr. Stephanie Forsberg
  • Dr. David Friedman
  • Dr. Joyce Hilgeman
  • Jeffrey Kramer, DVM
  • Mary Kroll
  • Dr. Michael Lake
  • Angela Lukaszewski
  • MaryLou O’Donnell
  • Sondra Polan
  • Chris Pollatos
  • Dr. David Ralston
  • John Schineller
  • Alan Schorn
  • Mary Simons
  • Lorraine Solomon
  • Nicole Spinelli
  • Bryan Snyder
  • Maria Zeitlin