LISEF Fair – Day 1 Fair Information

2019 LISEF Round 1 Room Maps

  1. Liaisons will submit one LISEF Media Release Form for each student participating in a fair and one for each accompanying teacher at the Registration Desk in the lobby upon their arrival. 2019 LISEF Project Codes
  2. One set of human consent forms for projects that required them should be submitted at the Registration Desk in the lobby upon their arrival. (NO OTHER ISEF FORMS SHOULD BE HANDED IN ON DAY 1).
  3. The LISEF Abstract must be displayed vertically at your project.
  4. If required, Forms 1C and/or 7 must be displayed on your table.
  5. Prepare a presentation of no more than seven (7) minutes, and be prepared for a question and answer session of five (5) minutes. It is at the judge’s discretion to allow you to do a formal presentation.
  6. After a project has been registered, the individual/project leader will have the ability to upload a PDF file to be associated with their project. This PDF file can be overwritten by the individual/project leader until the deadline has passed; the deadline this year for the Project PDF Upload is February 4, 2019, 8:00 pm. See more details in the Rules and Guidelines, or here in the Project PDF Upload Directions
  7. The LISEF Room Maps 2019 and the Project Codes 2019 will be posted before Round 1.  You need to use your project code on your Media Release Form
  8. The number of projects that move on from Day 1 to Day 2 is a minimum of 25% of the category with a maximum of 10. When this calculation results in a decimal equal to or greater than 0.5, we will round up. Projects with negative z-scores are not eligible to advance. If the calculation results in a number less than 5, LISEF will ask the 5 with the highest positive z-scores as long as there are 5 with positive z-scores. If a category is being awarded 2 ISEF spots, the maximum for that category will be set at 20 but may be less if the calculation dictates.

PLEASE NOTE: The research paper and supporting ISEF Forms will be reviewed for compliance with the INTEL ISEF International Rules and LISEF Rules; an interview may result. Projects that fail to qualify cannot participate in LISEF Round 2.