Middle School 2018 Award Winners


  Award Name School Title
 FirstAlice SztabinskiCopiague Middle SchoolThe Effect of Temperature on Pitch
 FirstAustin CrouchleyGarden City Middle SchoolThe Effect of Copper Cooling Coils on Solar Module Energy Output and Hot Water Production
 FirstBrooke Godsell, Isabelle WhiteEast Woods SchoolUsing C. elegans to Test ALS Novel Therapies
 FirstIsabel SzarfarcEast Woods SchoolUsing CRISPR to Study Probiotic Resistance
 FirstJulia Curet, Ashlee SjoholmWoodland Middle SchoolThe Effect of Cost on Consumer Decisions
 FirstJulienne Saliou, Corinne SweeneyEast Woods SchoolAnalyzing the Effectiveness of Antioxidants and Anticancer Treatment
 FirstMichael JangCommack Middle SchoolHow can I Make a Heavy Metal Water Pollution Filter that can be Solar Powered?
 FirstTyler BissoondialGrand Avenue Middle Schoolmir156 Regulates Gametophyte to Sporophyte Development and Sensitivity to Salinity in Ceratopteris richardii
 FirstIan Benjamin Battaglia, Spiros Kiriakos Manolas, Ryan Christopher ElwoodNorth BabylonEffect of Adverse Biological Cue on the Aggregation, Migration and Stalk Formation of Dictyostelium Discoidium
 SecondCaroline CrouchleyGarden City Middle SchoolComparing Structural Integrity of Traditional Shaped Housing and Geodesic Domes
 SecondGrant FaberHauppauge Middle School/Director of SciencePearly Whites
 SecondJoanna Lee, Gayathri Manoj, Katie LukW. T. Clarke Middle SchoolThe Effect of Differing Sorbent Methods on Oil Spills in the Ocean
 SecondJonathan PriorOldfield Middle SchoolThe 5-Second Rule: Fact or Fiction
 SecondJulianna RosenthalGrand Avenue Middle SchoolHow do Different Amounts of Caffeine Affect how Ants Navigate and Construct their Tunnels?
 SecondLuke JataHauppauge Middle School/Director of ScienceCommotion in the Ocean
 SecondNuha Asad, Emma Friel, Elaine SamWoodland Middle SchoolWhat is the Effect of Potassium Glucinate on the Growth Rate of a Plant?
 SecondSaharsh PeddireddyHauppauge Middle School/Director of ScienceMicroalgae-Macrobenefits
 SecondTrinity Benstock, Mishka ScottoLocust Valley Middle SchoolThe Effectiveness of Various Antibacterial Soaps and Sanitizers on the Growth Rate of E.coli 50
 SecondElizabeth Violet Cardenas, Madison Lucia JessenHoward T Herber Middle SchoolEfficacy of Different Super Glues
 ThirdAidan Brancaccio, James RicciOldfield Middle SchoolThe Effect of Acid Rain on Marigold Plants
 ThirdGabriella Simal, Sahara Partap, Mackenzie FilosaGrand Avenue Middle SchoolHow do Different Levels of pH Affect how Beano Works?
 ThirdGabrielle Domanas, Emily Rosenblum, Ashton OlivoLAWRENCE MSIt's an Attack
 ThirdHelen Sweeney, Sean SweeneyEast Woods SchoolHow CRISPR can be used to Treat Pancreatic Cancer
 ThirdJansen WongGreat Neck South Middle SchoolEffects of Caffeine on Plant Growth
 ThirdKatherene Qi, Noor Ellahie, Jin LuW. T. Clarke Middle SchoolThe Effect of Geyser Water Pressure on the Amount of Hydroelectric Energy Produced
 ThirdMatthew SharinLAWRENCE MSGot Milk?
 ThirdRebecca KaplanOceanside UFSDBioremediation
 ThirdSarah Eisenberg, Samantha Schlectman, Alexa ScottiWoodland Middle SchoolWhat is the Effect of Erosion on Rip Currents?
 ThirdThomas Eldho, Anoop KrishnadasOceanside UFSDRetinol and Regeneration in Planaria
 ThirdTimothy LangoneGrand Avenue Middle SchoolCan Seed Germination Release Inhibitory Signals Preventing the Development of Seed in Close Proximity?
 ThirdVincent GardnerOceanside UFSDLight, Lux and Life
 ThirdChaeeun Hannah LeeCarrie Palmer Weber Middle SchoolHow Can We Delay Food Spoilage?
 Honorable MentionAbhiram MarisettiHauppauge Middle School/Director of SciencePurification of Water by Natural Materials
 Honorable MentionArav PrabhuHauppauge Middle School/Director of ScienceCan Plants Stop Erosion?
 Honorable MentionBreckyn Beechey, Nora Sweeney-GladenOldfield Middle SchoolPrevention of Oxidation in Apples
 Honorable MentionBrian Petz, Madison AminiW. T. Clarke Middle SchoolThe Effect of Soil Composition on Soil Drainage
 Honorable MentionDavid YangCommack Middle SchoolHeavy Metals in the Environment
 Honorable MentionDonovan LigondeJ.W Dodd Middle SchoolHow can we Understand Anti-Gravitational Propulsion Used in Satellites and Deep Space Probes through a Force Free Electrical Lift ?
 Honorable MentionKatrina Chou, Emily Ramirez, Lydia WangGreat Neck South Middle SchoolEffect of Music on Heart Rate
 Honorable MentionNicholas BarshayHauppauge Middle School/Director of ScienceEffect of Different Types of Light on Black Worm Aggregation
 Honorable MentionSachin Jojode, Rahat RahmanWoodland Middle SchoolThe Effect of Various Materials on Durability of BioPlastics
 Honorable MentionSahar Tartak, Maya Gavriel, Olivia YeroushalmiGreat Neck North Middle SchoolSympathies of Sociology
 Honorable MentionSydney Dunn, Steven Jacovetti, Sophia RupertoW. T. Clarke Middle SchoolHow Does the Type of Instruction Affect a Student’s Ability to Complete a Task and the Time That it Takes?
 Honorable MentionWilliam HaspelBay Shore Middle SchoolGenetics: Testing for Dominant and Recessive Traits
 Honorable MentionYuleydy Cortorreal Sanchez, Chinwe OkikeJ.W Dodd Middle SchoolHow is Modern Drilling Techniques, such as Fracking Directly Contributing to the Increase in Tremors?