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11/4/2018November Meeting Cancelled
November Meeting Cancelled. December 13, 2018 will be our next open meeting, which will take place at Syosset High School at 4pm. Please contact if you wish to attend due to new security procedures.
9/12/2018September Monthly Meeting Cancelled
September Monthly Meeting Cancelled. Next meeting - October 18, 2018.
8/27/20182019 Guidelines Posted
All 2019 Rules and Guidelines have been posted for all fairs: LISEF, JV and Broadcom Masters.
4/1/2018Dates set for 2019!!
2019 Fair Dates:

LISEF Round 1: Febrary 6, 2019

LISEF Round 2, JV and MS Fairs: March 14, 2019

Please check out our calendar for all important dates.
3/6/2018UPDATED LISEF/JV/MS Fair Date
LISEF is concerned with the safety of all of our students, liaisons, and judges and have decided with the conflicting current weather information that it is in the best interest of all, that we postpone tomorrow's fair. Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of waiting until tomorrow to make this decision, as there are too many variables in play, such as busing, any school closures, delayed openings, or early dismissals.

The Broadcom MS Fair, JV Fair, and LISEF Round 2 will now take place on March 15, 2018. All times will remain the same as scheduled.
10/18/2017LISEF Liaison and Student Reg. Open!
LISEF Liaison and Student registration is now open!!!
10/17/2017Commitment Agreement Clarification
10/16/20172018 Final Allocations Posted
2018 Final LISEF allocations posted on LISEF tab, under 2018 allocations
6/1/20172018 Fair Dates
2018 Fair Dates:
Round 1: February 6, 2018
Round 2:March 7, 2018
JV Fair:March 7, 2018
MS Fair:March 7, 2018
10/25/20162017 Final Allocations
2017 Final School Allocations have been posted under the LISEF tab, under school allocations
5/16/20162017 Fair Dates Set
2017 Fair Dates Set:

Round 1:
February 8, 2017

Round 2:
March 23, 2017

JV Fair:
March 23, 2017

MS Fair:
March 23, 2017
3/10/20162016 LISEF Round 2
2016 LISEF Round 2, LISEF JV Fair and the Middle School Fair will be held on March 10, 2016 at Crest Hollow Country Club.
2/3/20162016 LISEF Round 1
2016 LISEF Round 1 will be held on February 3, 2016 at Crest Hollow Country Club.
10/16/20152016 Final School Allocations have now been posted
2016 Final School Allocations have been posted. Please check under the LISEF tab for the final document.
7/7/2015NEW 2016 LISEF Rules Posted
The 2016 LISEF Rules have been posted:
6/29/2015Student Lab Safety Training
Received from Kim Gates at SBU:

Just a reminder - if you are sending any HS students to work in a Stony Brook University lab, we have a "Minors in Research Labs" policy. We also hold a special training date for the HS students so that they can get the lab safety, chemical safety, biosafety & hazardous waste required training at one time. It is are equivalent to ELS 002, ELS 003 and ENV 001.

Please send any High School students to this session. The students should bring their Stony Brook University ID. No reservations are required.

High School students with an SBU ID can take the Blackboard courses (ELS 002, ELS 020, ENV 001/005) instead of waiting to take this specially scheduled course. Have them provide their lab supervisor with a copy of their "My Grades" page from each online course as proof of passing the quizzes.

If the High School student took the special training last year, they should take the Blackboard courses this year. We require the HS students to have annual EH&S training.

If the High School student is not working in a lab where hazardous materials are used and are only working on a computer or other type of equipment, they do not need to take the EH&S courses. If the computer is in a lab where hazardous materials are in use, then they must complete the EH&S training.

Additional information on the Minors in Research Labs safety program & policy can be found on our web site:

Training Dates:

Monday, 6/29/15 Open to general audience Wang LH 1, 1 PM - 3:30 PM

Tuesday, 6/30/15 Garcia Program Only

Wednesday, 7/1/15 Simons Program Only

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kim Gates
Laboratory Safety Specialist
Environmental Health & Safety
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-6200
2/9/2015MS Registration Update
Due to the closure of many schools due to icing conditions, the MS registration deadline has been changed to Feb 10, 2015, 11:59pm.
2/8/20152015 LISEF ROUND 1 CANCELED!
The LISEF Board of Trustees has decided to cancel LISEF Day 1. The Board voted to err on the side of caution in consideration of our utmost concern for the safety of our children. We will inform you by mid week if we are able to reschedule (this is dependent on the number of judges that can come on a different date, tentatively on February 23rd, on such short notice) or have a one day fair on March 12th.
1/28/2015Day 1 Fair Info Posted
Instructions for LISEF Day 1 have been posted.

Click on the LISEF portal button, then on the Day 1 Fair Information tab for full details.
9/16/2014SRC PD held on 10/3/14
LISEF will hold their 2nd annual professional development for research teachers on October 3, 2014. The event is hosted by Farmingdale State College - University in the High School.

Click on the LISEF portal button, then on the IRB/SRC professional development tab, for more information!
5/30/2014ISEF 2015 Rule Changes and LISEF Stricter Rules
The ISEF 2015 Rules were distributed at ISEF 2014 and have some major changes. We have posted a document that reflects these changes and LISEF's stricter rules regarding these changes in the LISEF Portal. Please visit the LISEF page to access a copy.
5/28/2014LISEF 2015 Fair Dates Set
LISEF 2015 Fair Dates have been set.

LISEF Round 1 will be held February 9, 2015 at the Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, NY.

LISEF Round 2, the JV fair, the MS fair and all award ceremonies, will be held March 12, 2015 at the Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, NY.
2/12/2014SRC Meeting
SRC Meeting 4pm -7pm at Syosset HS Room E-11
2/9/2014LISEF Day 1 will go on as scheduled, Feb. 10
Since the weather is working in our favor, LISEF Round 1 will run as scheduled tomorrow Feburary 10, 2014.

2/6/2014LISEF ROUND 1 WILL BE 2/10/14
We are continuing to monitor the weather, as of this afternoon, we are good to go for Monday. We will email you Sunday early afternoon if anything changes. Check the LISEF website and our Facebook page for verification and updates.

10/4/2013LISEF/STANYS sponsor an SRC/IRB Workshop
Farmingdale State College will host a new co-sponsored Professional Development SRC/IRB Workshop on Friday, October 4, 2013, 8:00 - 11:30 AM, in Whitman Hall, room to be announced on this website. There will be 4 sessions which include a general/problematic forms discussion, a Science session and a Behavior Session and a Breakout session where small groups discuss sample problems led by an SRC member.

Participants who complete the 3-hour workshop will receive a certificate of participation from STANYS.

Email the number of participants from your school to by Friday, September 27.

Parking Permit is required so you must first stop at the Campus Police Office. Consult online campus map or the campus map located near entrance.
9/4/2013Number of projects advancing to ISEF from LISEF
SSP has notified us that the number of projects that LISEF may bring to ISEF in May 2014 is 20. We are one of only 14 affiliated fairs worldwide who received an allotment greater than the formula indicates without having to appeal for this greater number!!
10/22/2012Our ISEF Allocation Appeal Has Been Approved!
Our ISEF Allocation Appeal Has Been Approved!!
LISEF’s original allocation for ISEF 2013 was ten slots; an appeal for ten additional slots was submitted this past August. On Friday, October 19th we received an e-mail from ISEF informing us that our appeal was approved. This approval allows us to bring a total of twenty projects to ISEF this coming May.
8/15/2012ISEF Allocation Numbers on Appeal
According to the formula developed a few years ago, LISEF is allotted 10 projects at the 2013 Intel ISEF in Phoenix. Each year we must appeal for more projects. We hope to again receive 10 additional projects. Society for Science and the Public will notify us by late October with regards to the success of our appeal at which time we will post the number of projects that we will be able to enter in Intel ISEF 2013.

Once we have our allocation, we will follow the statement given in the LISEF 2013 Application Guidelines: If our allotment allows one winner from each category, we will take one from each category. If our allotment is less than the number of categories that ISEF uses, then we will have to combine some categories; however, if our allotment is greater, then we will award the extras to the largest categories in order of size. If it is necessary to combine categories, we will not determine how we will combine categories until after registration closes and the LISEF Trustees have met; this information would be posted in that event.
8/15/2012SSP Reports Error in 2013 Rulebook
In a message dated Wed, Jul 25, 2012, Society for Science and the Public informed us of an error in the rulebooks distributed in Pittsburgh as well as posted ALL OF THE FOLLOWING on their website:

We wanted to make you aware that there was a wording error on Form 5A (Vertebrate Animal Form) which was distributed in Pittsburgh and was initially available on the web. One question on the form dealt with the new Intel ISEF requirement for documenting vertebrate animal weight loss or death.

“Was there any weight loss or death of any animal? If yes, attach a letter obtained from the qualified scientist, designated supervisor or a veterinarian documenting the situation and the results of the investigation.”

Since Form 5A is completed before experimentation, it is impossible for the student researcher to answer this question. This statement has been revised.

“The Intel ISEF Vertebrate Animal Rules require that any death, illness or unexpected weight loss be investigated and documented by a letter from the qualified scientist, designated supervisor or a veterinarian. If applicable, attach this letter with this form when submitting your paperwork to the SRC prior to competition.”

I am sorry for any problems this question has caused you or may cause you during the year.
The revised Form 5A is now on the SSP website and can be found in the document library at
8/15/2012What’s New on our Website
Home and Secondary Pages

* Simplified Home Page links to other content pages
---> LISEF Teachers/Students
---> JV Fair
---> Middle School Fair
---> LISEF Judges
---> Safety
* Easier Navigation
* Larger Font in HTML Format
* Site Search for Front End
* Facebook Like Page
* Ability to edit password, email and phone number

Registration Pages

* LISEF and JV will have separate Registration pages
* Registration Form no longer must be completed at one sitting
* Uncompleted items will be highlighted
* Ability to edit password, email and phone number
* Submit email/username to recover/reset username/password
* Easier Registration for Liaisons and Judges
---> Registrations info for Liaisons and Judges will be archived; but must register anew
---> Liaisons are able to register for more than 1 fair from the same or different schools

Liaison and Adult Sponsor Access to Student Information

* Ability to view:
---> All students/projects registered for that school (Sponsors will only see their own students)
---> Read-only access to all project information, including Research Plans and Abstracts
* Ability to view and edit: (Liaison only)
---> Which fair each student/project entered
---> Categories of each student/project
* Ability to print page of all confirmed students, projects, fair and categories (Liaison only)

New Content

* 10 Month Calendar of Important Dates
* ISEF Forms Description Document (w/ dates for each document)
* Easy Checklists (printable)